Shy Kid Blues

Now that the wild ride of summer has passed and the Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival has come and gone, it's time to get back into the studio and make another album! This next one is going to be quite a bit different. It's going to be a combination of songs and spoken word that tell one big story. At the moment, it's tentatively titled, Shy Kid Blues and tells the story of a very shy kid named Steve that meets an outgoing, gregarious kid named Brendan.

Over the course of 11 songs and twelve monologues Steve overcomes his shyness and Brendan learns to play rock'n'roll drums on a wooden box and the two go on to live their rock'n'roll dreams. We start recording very soon and the album will be out in early spring to coincide with the ten year anniversary of Hullabaloo.


Joann Woolley November 21, 2013 @01:06 am
I'm looking forward to this! Love the concept. I was listening to a talk given by Susan Cain about introverts and extroverts - and that often they pair together either in business or marriage. She also talks about shyness being different than being an introvert... all fascinating stuff. I had a total epiphany while listening!
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